Courtney Clark

Future Sole Survivor

I’m not sure exactly when I decided I had to get on the CBS show Survivor, but I know I started becoming more than just a casual viewer during Season 30 + then Season 31 really solidified my passion for the game. (Now having seen every episode of all the seasons, neither 30 nor 31 would make my top 5, 31 might make top 10, though…) When Covid-19 started, in March for Chicago, I moved back home to the suburbs of IL + began devoting all my time to learning + studying it. This included watching all 40 seasons (over the course of ~4 months!), reading books about the show, listening to Survivor podcasts + doing some good ‘ol online research. I first applied during summer of 2018 + received a follow-up questionnaire to fill out + return, but wasn’t cast. I applied one more time, at the end of 2019, but now that I’d consider myself a true Superfan, I’m working on a new audition video + trying to prepare as much as possible mentally + physically in case I do ever get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play the most difficult game in the world –– Survivor.

What I Do
  • Creative Project Manager
  • Runner
  • Yoga
  • Chicago Tough Mudder 2019