Favorite Quotes:

– Rodney Lavoie Jr.
  • Winners find a way to win – losers find a way to lose. – Coach Wade
  • Every opportunity is a setback + every setback is an opportunity. – Rick Devens
  • It’s important for me to have people on my team who are gonna do what I tell them to do, and not know that I’m telling them to do it. – Boston Rob
  • Always think about your next move. – Boston Rob
  • I may not be the strongest one of them, but I can guarantee I’m tougher than every single one of them. – Boston Rob
  • It’s better to play with me than against me. – Boston Rob
  • You got to hustle if you want to make a dollar. Everybody knows that. – Boston Rob
  • It seems like no matter what the situation is on survivor, I have to do the dirty work, because everybody else is too stupid to do it. – Boston Rob
  • I play to win. – Colby Donaldson
  • I don’t know how to quit, it’s just not in me, I never quit anything in my life. – Colby Donaldson
  • I can honestly say I’m proud of the way I’ve played this game, can you? – Colby Donaldson
  • That’s someone I can see myself aligning with, until it’s time to cut his throat. – Sandra Diaz-Twine
  • You know how some people forgive but don’t forget, well I don’t forgive and I don’t forget. – Sandra Diaz-Twine
  • I never give up, I never surrender, I never admit to fear. – Rupert Boneham
  • I love seeing people cry. When you crush their dreams. – Tyson Apostol
  • My feeling always is, if I thought of it, somebody else has thought of it. – Jonathan Penner

“…anything to make you happy, baby, I just wanna make you happy… and then, after the race, you can make me happy…” 😏 – Amber to Rob, Amazing Race

Mark Burnett – Jump In!

  • “Some may call it ‘stubborn’ (it is), but belief in gut decisions means sticking to your guns, even when others say you’re wrong.”
  • Always be brave enough to change your mind when you know you should.
  • The bottom line is that only results count––how you arrive at them does not.
  • Better decisions are made by relaxed people.
  • Be an optimist + a dreamer. Expect greatness from yourself + the best kind of unexpected surprises will find their way into your life.
  • “jumping in” = having a conscious faith in your own abilities
  • put embarrassment of being in last place aside + keep your integrity intact by finishing what you set out to do
  • it is always better to simply push on + finish (what you started), no matter what – by doing that, you’ll continually beat stronger + more talented people who can only operate when things go well.
  • the ability to keep your intended outcome in mind while constantly analyzing whether your actions that day are taking you closer to or further away from that intended outcome is critical to success. you must constantly pay attention, make adjustments + have the courage to drastically change your strategies + actions to make the plan work.
  • “by testing beyond endurance, man learns how to know himself” – Charles S. Houstoner


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