Season 41, Episode 3 –

(7 days in)

Initial thought:

  • What happened to recaps?! You mean we’re just supposed to REMEMBER what happened the week before?????? 🤯😂


  • OFC, just as I start to like Brad, he goes home…. smdh. #yakwtfgo
  • Enjoyed Ricard’s comment that both J.D. + Brad are “sneaky” + he doesn’t trust either one of them, but Brad is a “harder worker” 💯 #agreed
  • Deshon – v impressive challenge skills, so far every episode he’s managed to surpass the level i expect for him
  • Liked Brad’s ” fake body” idea when sneaking out – smart
  • Happy to see yellow win immunity finally (for Xander’s sake)

Favorite Brad quotes:

  • “If you work, you get rewarded.”
  • “Risk = reward.”
  • “To build trust, you say what you’re gonna do + then you do it.”

Quick (overall) summary:

  • Tiffany finds advantage + shares it w/ Eevie + Lianna
  • Brad finds advantage + idol + shares both w/ Genie + Shan
  • Sydney finds advantage (did she share w/ anyone? can’t remember/don’t think so)
  • Tiffany/Brad/Sydney have to sneak off at night + get in a boat or lose their votes
  • JD gets busted by Shan for hiding an idol (not very well, obvi) in his pants
  • just as quickly as he was deemed ‘essential,’ Naseer now seen as ‘erratic’ – he is extremely observant + smart enough to be aware that he’s in trouble – but is he savvy enough to fix it?

Critical mistakes –

Brad should’ve talked to Sydney (blue tribe) + told her to find the idol on their beach b/c he knows Xander has found it for yellow tribe + the idols only work when all 3 are found

Shan should’ve kept Brad + sent J.D. home b/c Brad came right up to her willingly + told her what he found showing trustworthiness/honesty/that he trusts her vs. J.D. only told her about his extra vote advantage now, much later/after the fact + only b/c she caught his a**! idc if you hand over the advantage for this one tribal council – you are straight up guilty as mf charged, BRO. #rookiemistake

Fav + funniest moment:

Xander to Brad during immunity challenge: ‘I liked what you said about broccoli.’ 😂


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