Favorite Season Themes:

(will add more to this later – here’s the first 3 for now!)

  • Heroes, Healers + Hustlers – really loved this theme because the Sole Survivor should have ALL these qualities/really needs to in order to be able to get to the end + win. I think it made for a really diverse + interesting group of people w/ a wide variety of backgrounds + occupations. I also felt that all groups were equally respectable for different reasons so I liked that viewers were (or at least I was) able to stay objective + possibly even root for members of all 3 tribes, rather than just whichever one you personally relate to most.
  • Beauty, Brains + Brawn – really loved this theme because (again) the Sole Survivor should have + really NEEDS to have all these qualities + it was a great reminder to always “expect the unexpected” in this game, beginning w/ the assumption that the Brawn tribe would dominate challenges by way of pure physical strength + immediately went on a losing streak. Additionally initially shocking was the Beauty tribe being the first to make fire.
  • Ghost Island – this might be my all-time favorite theme of a season because of all the mystery surrounding ‘Ghost Island’ in the game, getting to reminisce about legendary Survivor “dumbest moves of all time” from the past (esp. as a Superfan) + the superstitious vibe overall made it super interesting to watch how it played out!

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