Best Tribal Councils:

(will be adding more later on – here’s a few for now!)

  • When Dreamz chooses to go back on his word + not give the immunity necklace to Yau Man (in exchange for a brand-new truck).
  • The Michaela blindside in Millenials vs. Gen X… INTENSE. Easily one of the craziest, most entertaining reactions to being voted out of all time.
  • When Cirie gets voted out of the game… with 0 votes.
  • When Tai, Scot + Jason team up + control the vote using ‘Super Idol’ bravado/scare tactics + when Tai later betrays that alliance to vote out Scot + does not give him the other half of the Super Idol as agreed to stay in the game.
  • Season 38 when almost everyone has immunity + either a real or fake idol play. Rick Devens is a genius for this one… both women played fake idols he made for them to find. Chris had an idol he received for winning a challenge to come back into the game from Exile Island + Rick (who won immunity + is wearing the necklace) plays his real idol for Gavin, who promised in exchange to take Rick to the final 3 the next day if he won the immunity challenge.
  • Ben playing an idol/idols at almost every tribal in the second half of season 35… just kept finding them over + over again + every time the jury was going WILD. lol.
When Erik gives the immunity necklace to Natalie in Survivor Micronesia – a brilliant move by the Black Widow Brigade (Parvarti, Amanda, Cirie, Natalie)
When tribal goes to rocks for the 2nd time in history in Blood vs. Water – either Tyson, Ciera, or Katie would choose a rock that would send them home, when none of them had received the majority of votes the first round. (wild!!)

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