Reasons I Need to Play This Game:

  • i belong to the group of people on this earth who believe everything worthwhile in life should/does involve suffering + want to become part of a group of elite humans who have proven they can not only withstand but thrive in much less than ideal conditions AKA Survivor players. & being a minimalist, it’s of interest seeing what i can go/survive without.

  • THE PRINCIPLE OF THE THING – to prove a point (that everyone around me = big dumb idiots for not seeing/realizing how mentally + physically capable i am, duh… time to rip off the blinders, people!! 🙄😤) (and in the meantime, i’ll work on my tactfulness + grace…)

  • i never smell bad. even after running 6 miles. believe me… i’ve repeatedly asked some of the most brutally honest people i’ve ever met/known (my siblings) + they’ve confirmed this as #facts – so if none of the 1 million other reasons i can come up w/ to cast me are strong enough, then maybe they’ll do it for the sake of the rest of the tribe’s players’ noses… 👃🏻

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