Podcast Highlights

Bradley Kleihege (Ghost Island) Tell All – Survivor Specialists (June 4, 2018):

  • Constipation + other digestive issues are extremely common while playing the game. Bradley admits he didn’t have a bowel movement for 26 DAYS. He also said (spread out over a few weeks) in total he was given over 50 laxative pills + liquid laxative, but nothing worked until he was voted out, finally consumed a lot of food + was so sick he ended up having to go to the hospital from Ponderosa.
  • The crew + players have a lot of code words surrounding going to the bathroom – Bradley mentions these include “I have to go visit the coconut grove,” “10-1” (#1) + “10-2” (#2).
  • He also mentions they see Dr. Joe pretty much everyday + that he is highly-regarded amongst the players for his background as a war doctor in Iraq + Afghanistan.
  • My favorite part of this episode so far was Bradley lying about his profession on the show (as many players do to seem less threatening), which is a lawyer. He claimed to be a Geography student and when asked if he could tell the time by looking at the position of the sun, decides to roll with it + whenever anyone would ask the time, he would look at the sun, but then glance over at the cameramen, whose cameras had the time in large numbers on the side + no one ever caught on to it. 😂
  • List of food items Bradley consumed in one sitting post-vote out: a grilled cheese sandwich, an entire meat-lover’s pizza, 9 bowls of cereal, an ice cream sundae, chocolate cake + about 30 drinks. And then slept for 36 hours…
Jenna + Julien Podcast – Survivor Chat with Season 26 Winner, John Cochran
  • Production has a helicopter on call 24/7. There are on average ~10 cameras/cameramen at camp on a given day, but varies as the size of the tribe decreases. At immunity challenges, there are 2 cameras dedicated to each player specifically, which adds up to around 30 total cameramen/women.
  • One of the most difficult parts of the game for Cochran, being somewhat of a loner in regular life, was having to be around people 24/7 for 30+ days.
  • Cochran’s tips on how to play a good game:
    • 1 – Don’t be bossy.
    • 2 – Don’t go off anywhere on your own.
    • 3 – Don’t have/create super emotional connections w/ people – try to keep them at arm’s length (so they will feel less betrayed + hopefully vote for you in the end).
    • 4 – Be moderately athletic. Be athletic enough that you don’t hold your tribe back in challenges, but not so athletic that you put a big target on your back.
  • Tribal council can go anywhere from 1-3 hours. Jeff asks a lot of players the same/similar questions – though it may seem like he’s picking on someone specifically in the tv cut/edit, he’s probably asking many/most of the tribe that question also.
  • Once voted off + arriving at Ponderosa, they were each given a full jar of peanut butter.
  • Biggest things producers are not being super smart/super athletic, but rather authenticity, honesty + vulnerability.

Adam Klein Tell All – Survivor Specialists

  • Advice to future players: don’t get too caught up in strategy/numbers/etc. – what matters more in your game is what’s not always shown onscreen – your overall social game/just making friends

Rob Has A Podcast – (Talking w/ T-Bird): Jerri Manthey –– Oct. 2020

  • laughed out loud every single time T-Bird started shouting “QUEUE THE MUSIC!” 😂
  • learned Jerri was in a Faith Hill music video for the song “Piece of My Heart”
  • about 49 mins., 15 sec. in, Jerri does a fantastic impression of herself at 80 years-old answering a call to come back + play Survivor on a “Legends” season 😂
  • Jerri couldn’t find 1 positive thing to say about or 1 redeeming quality of Russell Hantz
  • says she almost quit All Stars during the terrible storm, but the entire crew ran away
  • Jerri was supposed to be on the 27th Blood vs. Water season w/ her sister, but her sister got pregnant + then was asked to do it w/ her husband at the time, but chose not to
  • she’s been married 3x – the last wedding was Wild West themed
  • back in the day, she went on a date w/ Ryan Seacrest (before he was a big celebrity – he was a radio DJ at the time) + also dated Joe Rogan (nothing nice to say about him either)
  • tried to get on Dancing With The Stars, but was unsuccessful (so far – says she’d still do it)

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