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Favorite Survivor Couples

Coach + Jerri – just a flirtationship during Heroes vs. Villains, but I was sooo excited about this pair + really wanted to see them be together! They were cute AF, esp. when Coach is looking for her through the trees + has such a big smile on his face! 🀠 It was also nice to see Jerri happier + receiving the same level of interest she was putting out vs. past bitterness/rejection via Colby. πŸ₯Ί

James + Parvarti – just a fling during Micronesia, but πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


Most Attractive Players:

Colby = absolute perfection in my opinion – the whole mf package. Okay, first things first – this man is GORGEOUS. The dirty blonde hair. The chiseled face w/ the perfect amount of scruff. (don’t even talk to me about his cleaned up finalΓ© look – we’re gonna ignore that… forever). The cowboy hat. The muscles. His entire body is immaculately toned. The pearly white teeth. HOW ARE HIS TEETH SO PERFECT?! But this is not just looks-based, ok – I’m not that shallow!

Colby is the OG Challenge Beast, who completely dominated Season 2 – Australian Outback. And he was a #humbleAF Challenge Beast, at that! (which the show really needs more of at this point…) So ok, in Heroes vs. Villains, he gets dog walked by Coach to the mat + it was not his proudest moment maybe, but how did he handle it? Colby didn’t start some spiteful revenge scheme against Coach, he didn’t whine + cry like a baby – he reflected on it in an emotionally healthy manner, acknowledging that he is much older than when he first played + he moved TF on b/c the game (and life) goes on! He never gives up.

“I may be a lot of things, but I ain’t no Hershey bar.”

Colby is intelligent, charming, funny, kind, responsible, honest, respectful, consistent, sure of himself and family-oriented w/ strong values + a big heart. How many seasons have people talked about INTEGRITY + how many people have actually proven to live that way inside + outside of the game? IDK, but Colby is 1. Colby listens to his internal compass of what is right + what is wrong + 10/10 times chooses the path that’s right (even if it costs him $1 million – C’MON PPL). Colby is chill as hell (ex: when on a reward outing, continues to eat popcorn + watch the movie that’s on, while the 2 girls in the room w/ him are literally fighting each other + screaming about a clue in the game – #unbothered). He’s also extremely focused, to the point of not letting any temptations, whether they be Jerri or Sugar, interfere w/ his game. πŸ˜‚

“I don’t know how to quit – it’s just not in me.” 😍

Find me another man who has/is all of the above.^ I’ll wait… πŸ‘€

No seriously, why are you still reading this???? Go + find one for me, for real – i’m single af during a pandemic. k thx!

Podcast Highlights

Bradley Kleihege (Ghost Island) Tell All – Survivor Specialists (June 4, 2018):

  • Constipation + other digestive issues are extremely common while playing the game. Bradley admits he didn’t have a bowel movement for 26 DAYS. He also said (spread out over a few weeks) in total he was given over 50 laxative pills + liquid laxative, but nothing worked until he was voted out, finally consumed a lot of food + was so sick he ended up having to go to the hospital from Ponderosa.
  • The crew + players have a lot of code words surrounding going to the bathroom – Bradley mentions these include “I have to go visit the coconut grove,” “10-1” (#1) + “10-2” (#2).
  • He also mentions they see Dr. Joe pretty much everyday + that he is highly-regarded amongst the players for his background as a war doctor in Iraq + Afghanistan.
  • My favorite part of this episode so far was Bradley lying about his profession on the show (as many players do to seem less threatening), which is a lawyer. He claimed to be a Geography student and when asked if he could tell the time by looking at the position of the sun, decides to roll with it + whenever anyone would ask the time, he would look at the sun, but then glance over at the cameramen, whose cameras had the time in large numbers on the side + no one ever caught on to it. πŸ˜‚
  • List of food items Bradley consumed in one sitting post-vote out: a grilled cheese sandwich, an entire meat-lover’s pizza, 9 bowls of cereal, an ice cream sundae, chocolate cake + about 30 drinks. And then slept for 36 hours…
Jenna + Julien Podcast – Survivor Chat with Season 26 Winner, John Cochran
  • Production has a helicopter on call 24/7. There are on average ~10 cameras/cameramen at camp on a given day, but varies as the size of the tribe decreases. At immunity challenges, there are 2 cameras dedicated to each player specifically, which adds up to around 30 total cameramen/women.
  • One of the most difficult parts of the game for Cochran, being somewhat of a loner in regular life, was having to be around people 24/7 for 30+ days.
  • Cochran’s tips on how to play a good game:
    • 1 – Don’t be bossy.
    • 2 – Don’t go off anywhere on your own.
    • 3 – Don’t have/create super emotional connections w/ people – try to keep them at arm’s length (so they will feel less betrayed + hopefully vote for you in the end).
    • 4 – Be moderately athletic. Be athletic enough that you don’t hold your tribe back in challenges, but not so athletic that you put a big target on your back.
  • Tribal council can go anywhere from 1-3 hours. Jeff asks a lot of players the same/similar questions – though it may seem like he’s picking on someone specifically in the tv cut/edit, he’s probably asking many/most of the tribe that question also.
  • Once voted off + arriving at Ponderosa, they were each given a full jar of peanut butter.
  • Biggest things producers are not being super smart/super athletic, but rather authenticity, honesty + vulnerability.

Adam Klein Tell All – Survivor Specialists

  • Advice to future players: don’t get too caught up in strategy/numbers/etc. – what matters more in your game is what’s not always shown onscreen – your overall social game/just making friends

Rob Has A Podcast – (Talking w/ T-Bird): Jerri Manthey –– Oct. 2020

  • laughed out loud every single time T-Bird started shouting “QUEUE THE MUSIC!” πŸ˜‚
  • learned Jerri was in a Faith Hill music video for the song “Piece of My Heart”
  • about 49 mins., 15 sec. in, Jerri does a fantastic impression of herself at 80 years-old answering a call to come back + play Survivor on a “Legends” season πŸ˜‚
  • Jerri couldn’t find 1 positive thing to say about or 1 redeeming quality of Russell Hantz
  • says she almost quit All Stars during the terrible storm, but the entire crew ran away
  • Jerri was supposed to be on the 27th Blood vs. Water season w/ her sister, but her sister got pregnant + then was asked to do it w/ her husband at the time, but chose not to
  • she’s been married 3x – the last wedding was Wild West themed
  • back in the day, she went on a date w/ Ryan Seacrest (before he was a big celebrity – he was a radio DJ at the time) + also dated Joe Rogan (nothing nice to say about him either)
  • tried to get on Dancing With The Stars, but was unsuccessful (so far – says she’d still do it)