Absolute Boss Moves:

(will be adding more – here’s a few to start!)

When Richard Hatch battles a shark, gets bitten by the shark + bites it back. 🦈
  • When Ozzy willingly + strategically sends himself to Exile Island to battle other players out of the game for good, risking his game completely b/c if he messed up any challenges on Exile, he would be out of the game for good himself. Of course, being the badass challenge beast he is, he did exactly what he set out to do, defeating everyone in his path + earned his way back into the game.
  • Season 38 – Chris choosing to give up the immunity necklace + selects himself to battle in a fire challenge against Rick Devens. Granted, it was the only way to guarantee Rick wouldn’t make the Final Three + therefore win the million dollars in a landslide (possibly a unanimous vote), but this is an extremely risky move + the fact that he defeated Rick + ultimately won the game makes him such a badass! (Note: this is the exact move that Domenick failed to make in Season 36 + it cost him the million dollars when Wendell defeated Angela in the fire challenge + joined him + Laurel in the Final Three!)
  • Tony’s “Spy Shack” – period. lol.
  • In Winners at War, when Denise votes Sandra “The Queen” out with her own idol she gave to Denise in exchange for 2 fire tokens. Denise plays Sandra’s idol for herself + then also plays her own idol that she found previously for Jeremy (also on the bottom) + votes Sandra out with just ONE vote. LFG!!!!

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