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Season 41, Episode 10 –

*eating my words about these being too easy* 😬 struggled w/ it until I said it out loud 😂

Strategy –

FINALLY someone says what I’ve been thinking (get Shan tf out!!!! #blindside) + I can’t believe it was Erika who finally said it. I guess Ricard + DeShawn are also smart enough to be aware of her threat level but where they differ is that they trust her to work with them to the end.

Ricard is really showing his strategizing strength once again in his ability to have this emotional bonding moment w/ Shan on the reward challenge + turn his back on her the next day (for extremely valid reasons ofc – just sayin’). Also in his ability to separate logic + emotion as well as think about each day in the game at a time. We can see this here – “I don’t like him [DeShawn], don’t respect him, he annoys me, but I still think he’s the best choice moving forward today, he can go home tomorrow.”

I also like what he said at tribal about how everyone has their own perception of themself and the ways it differs greatly between Erika feeling insecure b/c she really is on the bottom/powerless + then Xander feeling similarly even though he has great power in his pocket (but insecure b/c people know about it).

Reward Challenge –

At first, when I saw the star puzzle, I was surprised they’d do another repeat puzzle after Evvie knew the one last week by heart almost from practicing at home, but then I was like oh yeah…they DEFINITELY plan all this out way, way, WAY in advance 😂 and conveniently for producers, Evvie just* went home last week so I guess they don’t have to worry about any Superfan advantages anymore.

Also, Pizza Under the Stars is (as Jeff said) absolutely the best reward of any season. I must say, I really enjoy the “pick someone to go w/ you” + “pick one more person to go w/ you” decisions that come w/ the win b/c there’s so much strategy involved. Ricard picks Shan first – makes sense, his #1 alliance. Then he picks Heather + Xander. They play a confessional clip of Danny commenting on it as ‘playing the jury,’ which I think is true, but I would’ve liked the chance to think of it myself….this goes along w/ what I’ve said about the whole season. It’s like we’re just being told/shown everything straight up, when what I and a lot of Superfans love most about the show is analyzing + dissecting each player’s strategy behind each move. IDK – maybe I’ve just become too much of an introvert now.

Immunity Challenge –

Not at all surprised it came down to Ricard + Xander. Was hopeful for another Xander win especially knowing he got to go on reward + eat, but wasn’t surprised Ricard pulled that out. He’s shown he’s very strong when it comes to challenges requiring steady balance. Xander I think is a bit more like me – biggest challenge strength lies in our ability to endure/outlast (discomfort/pain/etc.) which I think is the best, (obviously biased), but the reason I say that is b/c it’s a duality – equally a mental + physical skill – and each 1/2 requires the other.

Tribal Council –

Ricard says to the camera in the voting booth “we both gave each other permission to do this when the times comes.” They had split the majority of votes between Shan/Liana + all went Shan upon the revote. AMAZING. FANTASTIC. I TAKE BACK ANY + ALL COMPLAINTS I HAD ABOUT THE SEASON (*until the next episode anyway…) B/C THAT WAS A BIG ASS MOVE + IT MF ROCKED !!!!!! LET’S GOOOOOO RICARD! 🏅

(also really excited for next week b/c of the preview of Xander saying ‘it’s too good to be true!’… hopefully will actually be good fortune for my #1 boi + not a producer trick)


Best Tribal Councils:

(will be adding more later on – here’s a few for now!)

  • When Dreamz chooses to go back on his word + not give the immunity necklace to Yau Man (in exchange for a brand-new truck).
  • The Michaela blindside in Millenials vs. Gen X… INTENSE. Easily one of the craziest, most entertaining reactions to being voted out of all time.
  • When Cirie gets voted out of the game… with 0 votes.
  • When Tai, Scot + Jason team up + control the vote using ‘Super Idol’ bravado/scare tactics + when Tai later betrays that alliance to vote out Scot + does not give him the other half of the Super Idol as agreed to stay in the game.
  • Season 38 when almost everyone has immunity + either a real or fake idol play. Rick Devens is a genius for this one… both women played fake idols he made for them to find. Chris had an idol he received for winning a challenge to come back into the game from Exile Island + Rick (who won immunity + is wearing the necklace) plays his real idol for Gavin, who promised in exchange to take Rick to the final 3 the next day if he won the immunity challenge.
  • Ben playing an idol/idols at almost every tribal in the second half of season 35… just kept finding them over + over again + every time the jury was going WILD. lol.
When Erik gives the immunity necklace to Natalie in Survivor Micronesia – a brilliant move by the Black Widow Brigade (Parvarti, Amanda, Cirie, Natalie)
When tribal goes to rocks for the 2nd time in history in Blood vs. Water – either Tyson, Ciera, or Katie would choose a rock that would send them home, when none of them had received the majority of votes the first round. (wild!!)