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Apple Music 2020 Replay


Things I Will No Longer Be Doing After Winning the $1 Million:

  • answering phone calls (actually don’t even do this already…)
  • go out grocery shopping (actually also already quit months ago due to Covid)
  • my own makeup (^see previous)
  • my taxes (have done my own myself the past however many years, but math is not my strength + this would certainly complicate things a bit, I IMAGINE… *for now)
  • my job (plz do not show this to my boss until I’m handed the check 😬)
  • living at home – Zillow, here i come! 🤑🏡

& Things I WILL be doing after winning the million $:

(absolutely in no particular order)

  • dogs – lots, lots more dogs 🐶
  • a few tropical island vacations – loosen up these muscles, reduce inflammation, get a nice tan goin’, some vitamin D/serotonin boost 🏖
  • new iPhone – have had a cracked screen for 1.5 years now after falling down running in the rain, smashing it + being too lazy to ever get it fixed 📱
  • pay off my younger sister’s student loans + parents’ mortgage
  • definitely pay someone to invest some of it for me – i’d have no idea what i’m doing, but i know enough to know you gotta make ur $ work for ya 😉🤑
  • move TF out (obviously) – into my own place – who knows where 😎
  • get my platinum blonde hair back 😍, more tattoos 💯

Reasons I Need to Play This Game:

  • i belong to the group of people on this earth who believe everything worthwhile in life should/does involve suffering + want to become part of a group of elite humans who have proven they can not only withstand but thrive in much less than ideal conditions AKA Survivor players. & being a minimalist, it’s of interest seeing what i can go/survive without.

  • THE PRINCIPLE OF THE THING – to prove a point (that everyone around me = big dumb idiots for not seeing/realizing how mentally + physically capable i am, duh… time to rip off the blinders, people!! 🙄😤) (and in the meantime, i’ll work on my tactfulness + grace…)

  • i never smell bad. even after running 6 miles. believe me… i’ve repeatedly asked some of the most brutally honest people i’ve ever met/known (my siblings) + they’ve confirmed this as #facts – so if none of the 1 million other reasons i can come up w/ to cast me are strong enough, then maybe they’ll do it for the sake of the rest of the tribe’s players’ noses… 👃🏻

Ponderosa Food Orders

I thought it would be fun to see what people would order to eat for their first meal at Ponderosa (imagining they were stranded on an island for ~30 days + just voted out of the game):

Daddy – bacon cheeseburger w/ fries, a supreme pizza w/ everything on it + a strawberry milkshake, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies + brownies w/ chocolate chips

Ben – good quality Chinese food like Dim sum/every form of dumpling available, particularly any har gow, tons of Singapore noodles, some jasmine tea + a very cold endless beer

Callum – a mountain of Carbonara + a bottle or two of Rioja

Carley – sushi or a hot soup + grilled cheese… almond bubble tea w/ tapioca pearls, some orange chicken w/ crab rangoon on the side, slice of cheese pizza, homemade peach dumplings w/ butter or sweet cheese pierogis, maybe a sesame seed bagel w/ veggie cream cheese

Ken – Either a deep dish pizza from Giordano’s w/ sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, jalapeños and spinach OR a soul food + Jamaican dish: oxtail, sweet potatoes, baked macaroni and cheese, cabbage + cornbread

Me: PB + J!!! 🍞🤗

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Powerful Moments

  • Ethan Zohn, winner of Survivor Africa – Season 3, returns for Winners at War – Season 40 + speaks about his blood cancer diagnosis + how funds raised through a charity he started actually helped find/develop the drug that saved his life. He says Survivor not only completely changed his life, it also saved it. This emotional scene on the Edge of Extinction demonstrates his true appreciation of life + shows his extreme passion + determination to survive both in + outside of the game.
  • When Boston Rob suddenly collapses near camp + explains his passion for the game to Jeff through tears “I feel like… it’s getting the best of me… and I love + respect it too much…to not play, you know? I’m gonna win this game, dude, watch this.” 🥺😉
beginning at 2:19
  • Sabrina Thompson (teacher) thinking of her students: “I would love for the kids just to see this view––they see a few blocks of Brooklyn, that’s it + that’s all they aspire to see––so i hope they see that I took a chance + they’ll take a chance.”
Rudy Boesch gets voted out of All Stars + no one is happy about it/wanted to do it – he is an American hero + well-respected by his entire tribe. ❤️
basically ALL the loved ones visits––except Johnny Fairplay’s obviously… 😅😭

Motivation Moodboard

❤️RIP Rudy Boesch (Jan. 20, 1928 – Nov. 1, 2019) – Rudy was a 91-year veteran, United States Navy SEAL + two-time competitor on Survivor. Boesch enlisted in the United States Navy at 17.
  • The U.S. Navy SEALs have a saying: Get comfortable being uncomfortable. If you can be comfortable being uncomfortable, you’ll be prepared to handle whatever situation comes along in your own life. The NavySeal saying applies not only to the extreme physical conditions they endure, but also the situations.